5 things to remember when preparing for a group ride

This weekend we are celebrating Cyclofemme. This global grass-roots celebration of women’s cycling is about empowerment and the spirit of togetherness. To accommodate the wide range of incredible cyclists we’ve met through this program, we are delighted to offer three rides this Saturday, May 7th.

In preparation, here are ways to ensure you are ride-ready for the day.

  • Check your bike so you know it is running smoothly. Here’s our refresher. Do this early enough that you have time to bring your bike in for maintenance if you notice a problem.
  • Hydrate and eat enough the day before and plan for a proper breakfast the morning of the ride. Your body will reward you on the ride knowing you’ve appropriately fueled for the day.  Learn more about proper nutrition here.
  • Prepare the evening before.  Even if you are a morning person, it is always a good idea to start setting everything up the evening before just in case you find you are missing something that will need to be purchased before the ride.  Not sure what to plan? Here’s how to pack for a ride.
  • Understand proper ride etiquette.  Yes, knowing proper ride etiquette means everyone will want to ride with you—but more importantly, it keeps you and your riding group safe.  Here are the basics.

In honor of this year’s summer Olympics in Rio, we themed our rides Gold, Silver, and Bronze—and are delighted to be oversold for all three rides!  No matter which ride you choose, remember group rides are a team effort.  Please read and remember these five golden rules to ensure we all have a great safe ride.

  1. Listen to your ride leaders—and send any messages to the riders around you so everyone is aware of the group’s plans.
  2. Ride predictably—remember we are riding together as a group so it is important that you ride smoothly and predictably so everyone is clear of your intentions.  Sudden braking, turning, speeding or stopping creates unsafe conditions.
  3. Watch and communicate—look for obstacles around you and clearly point or call them out.  This goes for obstacles in front of you as well as those coming at the group, such as a ‘car back.’
  4. Always keep pedaling—smooth and steady cadence means you will be prepared to roll with any nuances in the road ahead.  It also makes you a more predictable wheel to follow.
  5. Obey all traffic laws—we are considered moving vehicles on our bikes, so whatever a car must do on the road, we must do.

But most importantly enjoy the company of all the incredible women joining the ride.  Make new friends, create new ride plans, and keep riding!

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