Getting to know our riders: Gigi Agius

by Jeanne Meyer

So many fab females in this 2k-strong group that from time to time, we thought we’d highlight a few ladies we’ve gotten to know on laps, at seminars and on rides. Gigi Agius — an Aussie who’s lived in NYC for the past 8 years — is a regular on Central Park Wednesday loops. She rides around town on a Trek FX 7.3 and you might see her on 9W or Central Park on a Trek Emonda S5 (both purchased at Bicycle Habitat Soho).

Says Gig on goals or events this year: “…my goal was around consistency. The last few summers I would do a big ride every few weekends but wouldn’t really ride that much otherwise, so didn’t really improve. This year I committed to getting up early a couple times a week, every week, to do laps in Central Park (including the BHWC laps of course!). This wasn’t a very sexy goal but was definitely an effective one. I felt myself improve almost immediately, and I have continued to get faster and stronger throughout the season. After about a month, I even found myself looking forward to getting up at 5:30am because I was that excited to get back on my bike and into the park. The consistent training has changed the way I think about cycling, it went from something I did in my spare time to something I prioritized.

Her fave ride so far? “Finally riding up River Road after years of being intimidated by it. And finding out it wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it would be!”

Favorite cycling tip or advice you picked up from your fellow riders? “The best way to get better at riding your bike is to ride your bike more. So simple but realizing this was such an “aha moment” for me.”

Favorite bike accessory (clothing, bottles, nutrition) lately?
“My ‘Look Mum No Hands!’ cycling cap that I bought from a bike shop in London with the same name.”

And here’s why Gigi rides: “Freedom! The freedom to go anywhere I want, on my own schedule, under my own steam. And the freedom I feel on a long ride, when my mind has time to decompress; I find in meditative.”

Gigi, who when she’s not on a bike, she is a “number cruncher” at CBS Interactive, is an avid live theater goer and volunteers as an usher at several off-off broadway venues. She adds: “Thank you so much to the Women’s Cycling NYC volunteer coaches!! I have learnt so much from all of you and am a better cyclist for it.”

Thanks Gigi! We love riding with you.

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