Getting to know our riders: Kelly Wu

By Jeanne Meyer

After being a “quiet observer of this FB group,” Kelly signed up for a Wednesday Central Park ride a couple years ago. This year, she completed an epic Century ride in London. Says Kelly, “I’ve learned so much thanks to this group (also now have the idea of perhaps trying a du/tria-thlon someday). The group to me really reaches a wide, diverse spectrum of riders and athletes and I appreciate that.”

On signing up for her first solo international century ride (the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey (pictured): “I entered the online lottery thinking what were the chances? A few months later, I was in and began training. The ride happened to be on the first day of rain ending a 50-day drought in London. It was drenching rain and winds from the start. Despite the downpour and several detours, I made it through the scenic hills of Surrey and past London landmarks to Buckingham Palace. I met athlete Emma Pooley while riding and then spectated the pro classic race. Definitely unforgettable.”

Kelly has biked all over the world. “Riding takes me places and sets me free mentally and physically. There’s that element of self-empowerment too and realizing how far I’ve explored and how much more there is to see.”

Another fave ride was “a leisurely, scenic ride with a friend along the Han River in Seoul, South Korea. I like to call our sightseeing ride the real ‘SeoulCycle.’ Exploring a new city on two wheels (whatever the type) is such a great experience.”

Kelly also cites riding to the top of Bear Mountain for the first time this year as a memorable and “spectacular’ exprerience.

Key tips she’s picked up from fellow riders: “Don’t look at anything but watch everything! Also don’t forget to drink. Hydrate, hydrate…”

As the autumn chill looms, Kelly says she’s looking forward to using her “shoe covers. I’m looking forward to pedaling through the seasons with dry and toasty feet.”

Her bikes include a Trek hybrid named ‘Matthew’ from craigslist and a new road bike bought a year later from a local bike shop. She also Citibike to commute and run errands.

Kelly says she took up cycling thinking it would be a mostly solo experience, but “I’ve found great community and new friends through it. Shout-out to Bicycle Habitat Women’s Cycling for encouraging me to take the leap, find growth as a cyclist and meet close riding partners. There’s something special when pedaling and watching the sun rise together in the park. Speedy or leisurely, once you get out, you forget any regrets about getting up early, feeling already accomplished and inspired.”

When Kelly’s not on her bike, she loves to play with data – coding models and visualizing health trends at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. She also likes to bake and is open to ideas and recipes for her new Instant Pot.

Thanks Kelly! You’ve made us such progress and are a real inspiration! Plus, you’ve made us super hungry.

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