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As we gathered for the start of our Trek Women’s Ride on August 15, rock star Bicycle Habitat employee, Rebecca, went around and talked to people. Here are some of the ladies she interviewed and what they had to say about their experiences this season.


What were your goals at the start of the season and what kind of progress have you made?


I got my road bike last July and I knew nothing, and I’m someone who never in a million years dreamed I’d be on a road bike! At the start of the season I simply wanted to be able to ride it successfully, and I started with a bike fit. I got a bike fit with Emily; I got clipped in. So my goal was really to be able to ride clipped in comfortably and to start working towards doing the full Century next month.

Also, I have to add: I did the Rapha 100 with WE Bike a couple of weeks ago. When I did it last year, I got sick because I didn’t balance my nutrition properly. After attending the Bicycle Habitat nutrition clinic, as well as a series of other Bicycle Habitat clinics, I put together an eating program that would work for me. This year I did the ride successfully. I did not bonk like last year, and that was major. That was life-altering.

What was your favorite clinic this season?

The nutrition clinic because it really, really helped me. They were very specific. I wanted to know exactly what you would eat for breakfast the morning of the ride, what would you eat for dinner the night before the ride – and I tried to pattern my diet based on everything they told me. So I had the snacks, I had the water, I tried to drink at the frequency they advised, I tried to eat in the morning and the night before the way they advised. That really was the best thing for me.


What was your favorite clinic this season?


My favorite clinic this season was all of them. I just went to the flat tire repair class and it was really awesome. Courtney led it, and we got hands on after the demonstration from Emily. We got to touch the bike and now it’s no longer a mystery. Even if I can’t remember all the steps, I feel confident that I, slowly but surely, can replace a tube. It’s a total confidence booster.

Every time I come out with you guys or go to a clinic, I learn so much. I get to meet other riders and share experiences. It’s really awesome that you guys are holding these things.

Do you ride a women’s specific model?

Yes I do! Right now I’m riding a Trek Domane WSD. I upgraded from a Trek Lexa, which I loved also. I thought I would never replace it, but I wanted to go a little faster and be a little lighter, so I upgraded. I don’t think I could ride anything but a Trek. It really fits me. When I got on the Lexa it felt like a part of me, and I really felt confident on my bike. I felt I could really handle it well.


What was your favorite clinic this season?


My favorite clinic was Kristen’s bike handling clinic, which was the first one of two. I’m really looking forward to the next one. You can train and get your fitness, but bike handling is something that comes with practice and instruction. I don’t feel like there’s a lot of resources for that, so it was really great to hang out in the park and practice different skills.

What motivated you to start riding?

What convinced me to start riding more was doing the CRCA racing clinic last spring! My friend convinced me to sign up – I had no idea what I was getting into, and it was my first group riding experience. I met a lot of really great women (it was a women’s specific clinic). It was such a nice and welcoming community, and after the clinic we started setting up weekend rides and then it just took off from there.

I think it’s the community that really motivates me; it’s such a strong community, especially the women’s community. I think if I would’ve just had to find my way joining rides with predominantly men, it would’ve been more intimidating.

Courtney “Cello”

What were your goals at the start of the season and what kind of progress have you made?


My goal for the season is actually to prepare for the [TA] Century. I have, over the years, been slowly upping my mileage commitment – I did seventy-five last year, and now it’s time for the hundred. [Another goal was] to understand my bike and biking in general. This year has been my first successful year following a training plan, because I previously didn’t know things about nutrition, or stretching, or preparation. So between the women’s clinic classes that taught me about nutrition, and my book, which taught me everything else, I’m able to stick with it. With a lot of the things I didn’t know what I was doing [before], and just became sad and in pain. But with this, I’m staying in power. I’m five weeks in, three more to go.

Do you ride a women’s specific model?

Yes I do. I specifically sought out a women’s specific model because my dimensions are long legs and very short torso. I have a Liv by Giant, and I love her. The small frame works for me. I never knew that a bike could feel like this. Fit is everything. If somebody hasn’t gotten fitted, or shopped for a bike that is specific to them, they really should invest the time and money… it’s worth it.

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