NYC Cyclocross is back! Join me on Saturday as I do my first CX race.

Rainey Park Cyclocross presented by Clif is happening this Saturday December 31, 2016 and if you ever wanted to see what cyclocross was about without having to drive, now is your chance to be part of NYC’s CX revival!

For years, I have heard about CX and have been wanting to give it a try. CX is a cycling category that looks like road cycling mixed with mountain biking, with obstacles thrown into the mix – running up stairs or through sand, hopping over barriers, etc. through a course with lots of twists and turns to challenge racers’ speed and handling skills.

My first introduction to the sport was as a spectator at Staten Island CX 2011, having no idea what was going on and just having fun watching the racers negotiate through trees. Then two summers ago, I attended a Wednesday night Randall’s Island practice, as part of Bicycle Habitat Women’s Cycling Intro to Cyclocross event, using my Trek Cali mountain bike, and clumsily tried to get the hang of dismounting and running over obstacles while watching how effortlessly the more experienced racers made it look.

This past week, I simply couldn’t ignore all of the various posts by enthusiastic racers who wanted to get the word about NYC’s New Year’s Eve race (our first local race since the SICX race I saw in 2011!) and all these social media posts said the same thing: “The biggest way you can help is by signing up to race! Second to that is by signing up to cover a volunteer shift here!”

After voicing my initial reservations about racing, ie: no experience, no CX-specific bike, fear of coming in last…there were encouraging replies that silenced my fears and highlighted the “just have fun” aspect.  I decided to go for it, registering before I could chicken out – a similar mindset that I took before jumping into my first mountain bike race in 2015 and my first fat bike race earlier this year.

For me, there is simply no excuses to NOT do this!

  • I can ride there.
  • No USAC license required (the organizers are covering one-day licenses for participants)
  • No pressure- it’s the very last race of the year and you will get a sense of whether or not you want to pursue this next year!

If you’re interested in racing, you have until tomorrow at noon to sign up! The excitement starts at 9am and I’ll be racing the Women’s B at 1:30pm! Find me in our Bicycle Habitat Women’s Cycling kit 🙂

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