Recap: 2017 Cyclofemme Weekend Ride

Last weekend we held our third annual ride with Cyclofemme, a global women’s ride event that takes place on Mother’s Day. The weather leading up to our ride was ominous, with more than two inches of rain in New York City and temperatures in the 40’s on Saturday. The downpour made many of us nervous, but we trusted the forecast that the storm would clear and were rewarded with warm, sunny conditions on Sunday for our ride.

On Sunday morning, women of all ages and abilities gathered at Bicycle Habitat to drink coffee and socialize. Many riders made a donation to World Bicycle Relief at sign in, and we raised $340 for bicycles for women in Kenya.  At 8 AM, ride leader Lisa Mazzola led everyone through a series of yoga stretches, and then we broke into three groups to ride different routes.

Our Beginner/Social/Fitness “C” group rode up the West Side Greenway in Manhattan to the iconic red lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge. The group included both hybrid and road bike riders, and everyone enjoyed the social pace and beautiful morning.

Our Beginner/Intermediate Road Ride “B” group rode up the West Side Greenway, crossed the George Washington Bridge, and stopped at the Ross Dock Picnic Area Picnic Area in Palisades Interstate Park to admire the view back towards Manhattan. Many of these women had never crossed the GW before and navigated the bridge’s hairpin turn and tricky towers with gusto. A subset of the group asked to continue riding, and one leader took them down “River Road” (Henry Hudson Drive) and back to the GW via 9W – roads that these riders had never ridden before – for a 40 mile ride.

Our Intermediate/Advanced “A” group crossed the GWB and pacelined down 9W to the Market in Palisades, NY for lunch. They then conquered the challenging stateline climbs on 9W and rode back across the GW together, a 50 mile ride.

Thanks to all of our participants for making our third annual Cyclofemme ride so successful. It looked like you all had as good a time as we did. It’s our mission to help you meet your cycling goals and to facilitate stellar service and support for you at Bicycle Habitat. Meeting other New York City women who share a love of bikes is what it’s all about.

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