Road Rides

What type of bike can I ride?

Our open community rides offer two groups: one for traditional drop bar road bikes, and one for flat bar hybrid bikes. The drop bar road group tends to move faster because the riders work together. The hybrid group will ride at a more social pace. Feel free to choose the group that suits your equipment and riding style the best.

What should I bring?

For all of our road rides, helmets are required and foot retention is highly recommended. Please also make sure you come prepared with the following:

– Flat fix kit: tube, tire levers, hand-pump/C02 cartridge
– 2 bottles of water (sports drink recommended)
– 2 energy bars, gels, or equivalent
– Photo ID (NY State Law)
– Cash/credit card/Phone

All riders should be able to perform their own minor roadside repairs, including flat tires. If you don’t know how to do this, we offer free in-store clinics on these topics.

What do I need to do to get my bike ready to ride?

So we can start on time, please show up ready to ride with:
– Tires inflated to the proper pressure (85-100psi depending on your tire width)
– Chain lubed
– Gears and brakes adjusted and working properly

If it’s your first ride of the season or you haven’t ridden in awhile, we recommend having your bike checked out by a qualified mechanic. Bicycle Habitat customers– take advantage of your free lifetime brake and gear adjustments.

What does no-drop mean?

No-drop means that, to the best of our ability, no rider is left behind. On longer rides, we will schedule a few regrouping points throughout the route. Park rides don’t tend to regroup as much, because it is common for riders to leave and join in as their schedules allow. If you need assistance on a park ride, please let the leader know.

Any rules once we’re out on the road?

YES, all standard rules of the road and group ride etiquette apply.
– No running red lights
– No sudden swerving or braking (be predictable)
– Never overlap wheels with the person in front of you
– Always call or point out glass, potholes, car doors, and any other road hazards
– No aero bars

What if I have never done a group ride?

Everyone has a first group ride! Feel free to email us at to ask any specific questions.