Rolling with the changes

Fall is an amazing time to ride a bicycle. The weather conditions are often ideal, and here in the Northeast the vistas and changing leaves are spectacular. It is a true feast for the eyes and the legs. It’s also that time of year when the days get shorter, the leaves fall, and so does the temperature.

I used to dread the first falling leaves, as it was a sign that the glory days of summer cycling were over. Once I started training year round, I grew to love the seasonal change because it was a time to take a mental and physical break, reflect on my past season, and plan for the next. It also meant lots of fun rides on roads and trails with friends with no agenda other than fun! And the good news is that winter training can be fun too.

Here are some tips to as we roll through fall and into winter.

Set goals

What do you want to work on? It could be riding your first century, racing, or having better bike handling skills. Use this time to plan for what you want to tackle in 2017.

Smell the roses

Leave the bike computer behind and ride with no agenda.

Make a plan

Focus on your endurance base with a little bit of intensity from November through December. Then plan to have a program in place for structured training in the new year.

Embrace the change

Body weight, energy levels, and fitness changes for everyone as the seasons change. Focus on health and wellness– not stats and numbers. Let your body and mind hit the reset button.

Dress for success

The right gear can turn an awful ride into a great one. Once you buy the core pieces, you’re set for seasons to come. It’s commonly said that there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing.

Explore other joys

Take a cooking class or join a book club. Do more yoga and strength training. Take the time to do all those other things you love.  

Mix it up

Ride new roads, try cyclocross, get into mountain biking, and ride a fat bike!

Keep it social

Find a group to ride with. It allows you camaraderie and accountability.

Learn to love being indoors

I used to dread the thought of training indoors, and then I met the Wahoo Kikr. Training inside allows me to train more effectively in a shorter period of time all from the comfort of my home.

If we didn’t have the time off, we would never know the joy of diving right back in with full force. And stay tuned for news about upcoming winter training opportunities with me and coach Kristen!

Lisa Mazzola

Lisa has been logging big miles and climbs since 2008. When she's not riding, she's helping athletes meet their goals as a cycling coach with Art of Cycling NYC or immersed in the world of modern art as an art educator for MoMA.


  1. I always find that I miss the glory of summer rides in the fall but miss the coolness of fall rides in the summer. Definitely need to apply #2 and smell the roses!

  2. Thanks for sharing those tips Lisa! I know fall and winter have now both passed but i really do see the use of those tips even now at the beginning of 2017. I will be sure to review my goals and ensure this cycling year is a great one!

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